7 Useful Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions for Mathematics3 min read

Many of us use Google products on a daily basis. However, for those of us involved in mathematics, Google Drive and Chrome have some limitations. Luckily, there are some great and useful add-ons and extensions that make working with these products a lot easier! Here are 7 of our favorites.

Google Drive Add-ons


  1. g(Math)
    g(Math) is a geat tool to easily input equations, graphs, stats displays and math quizzes into Google Docs, Sheets & Slides. The best thing about this tool is that it's easy to use for everyone. You don't have to know math code or programming languages. Just type your expression as seen in the screenshot below. But you can also use your voice, or let it analyze your handwriting!

    Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions: g(Math)
  2. Statistics
    The Statistics add-on allows you to easily perform statistical analysis in Google Sheets. Using the data you input, it can provide both univariate and bivariate descriptive statistics (e.g. analyze the columns of your data set, means and standard deviations). But what's really cool is that you can use regression modeling to get answers to, for example, questions like “what value would I expect to see for the modeled variable for a particular configuration of the other variables?”
    Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions: Statistics
  3. GTable Calculator
    Creating and formatting a table in Google Docs doesn't always give you the options you want. Having it perform basic mathematical operations on cells, for example. But GTable Calculator, does just that! You can have it do addition, multiplication, average, count, max, min and standard deviation. It works with currency symbols and even has a built-in calculator!
    Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions: GTable Calculator
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  5. Random Generator
    Simple, yet handy: Random Generator is a tool that adds random numbers to your Google Sheets tables. You fill out the requirements, for example the data range or character set and the only thing you have to do is click the ''Generate'' button. You can use this tool to generate passwords,  filling a range with workdays or weekends, or even randomly inputting yes/no or true/false values.
    Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions: Random Generator

    Chrome Extensions


  6. MB-Ruler for Chrome
    This one speaks for itself. With the MB-Ruler for Chrome extension, you can divide the website you're looking at in equal rectangles using a screen grid, and then overlay either a set square or a ruler to measure distance and angles. You can easily move, rotate, and resize the overlay.
    Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions: MB-Ruler for Chrome
  7. Desmos Graphing Calculator
    Everybody involved with math will see the value of this Chrome Extension. With the Desmos Graphic Calculator, in-browser graphing becomes easy. You can plot functions, create tables, add sliders, and even animate your graphs. Touch a curve to show maximums, minimums, and points of intersection. It's also possible to collaborate and share your work with others, and it works across all devices.
    Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions: Desmos Graphing Calculator
  8. Melanto Calculator Extension
    Last but not least: an easy to use pop-up calculator. Melanto Calculator Extension has standard and scientific functions. You can use both the digital keyboard and your physical keyboard for inputting.
    Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions: Melanto Calculator Extension
    There you have it. 7 Great add-ons and extensions to make your math experience a little easier!
    Do you have any other tools you use which you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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