Bett Asia Innovation Award: Higher Education1 min read

Great news! SOWISO has been chosen to be a finalist for the Bett Asia Innovation Award in the category Higher Education! This means that we're recognized as a pioneer of global education transformation!

The Bett Asia organization describes the awards as follows: “The prestigious Bett Asia Awards 2016, currently in its third year, will reward the ideas that are helping to solve real, everyday challenges facing the education industry from individuals, institutions and companies that champion technology in education. The accolades will be awarded to the projects deemed the most important and innovative and those that will benefit students and improve their learning outcomes.”

Words cannot express how excited we are, so we'll let this gif do it for us!

Bett Asia Innovation Award: Higher Education

The winner will be announced on Wednesday November 16th, 2016. Make sure you check our social media to see whether or not we win the award!

In the meantime, check out one of our exercises on our homepage!

Let's talk again soon!


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