Cirrus and SOWISO sign partnership agreement1 min read

Cirruscirrus and SOWISO have signed a unique partnership agreement. Cirrus has a strong focus on high-stakes testing whereas SOWISO has an equally strong focus on developing solutions for exact sciences. This partnership enables Cirrus to integrate the best-in-class solution from SOWISO into the Cirrus assessment platform, hereby bringing exact sciences to the world of high-stakes testing


Vegard Sivertsen (CEO Cirrus): “We are delighted to partner with SOWISO. SOWISO has proven itself over several years in the higher education sector. This exclusive partnership will offer our customers excellent support for the assessment of exact sciences in a high-stakes environment.”


Marc Habbema (CEO SOWISO): “Our tools really complement each other. In my opinion, Cirrus is setting a new standard in digital assessment and SOWISO has always been a market leader in e-learning for exact sciences. Together we can offer a comprehensive institution-wide testing solution. In this case, 1 and 1 really makes 3!”