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Education, publishing, technology, international business, common core alignments, math education, school innovation; this and more was present at the Global Markets Forum in Philadelphia.

Last week, the Association of American PublishersPreK-12 Learning Group hosted their annual three-day Content in Context (CIC) conference, all about the educational resource industry. On Monday June 6th, I (Jeroen Strijbosch) spoke at their Global Markets Event: all about global innovation and practices. I discussed both the challenges of doing business in edtech on a global level and the opportunities that open up when education crosses borders, drawing on his personal experiences and his experience with SOWISO. This talk opened up a great discussion with everyone attending about e.g. technical challenges and teacher needs.

Math Education: Going International
The event was kicked off by Dr. Barbara Kurshan, Executive Director of Academic Innovation at the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, who talked about recent developments in edtech and school innovation (she later pointed me towards this article on 13 of the most innovative schools in the world, which is an incredibly interesting read).

A second highlight was Fei Chen Lee, Head of Publishing at Times Publishing, whose talk brought a fresh international flavor to the conference when she talked about her experiences with digital publishing and media publishing in Singapore and South-East Asia. She’s got an incredible career and a fresh outlook on the publishing industry, where she was on the absolute forefront of bringing in technological resources.

The last talk I would like to bring to the foreground was David Langridge’s talk on breaking into the global market. As the Senior Director for WW Partner Development, his expertise showed knowledge of the global market, technology and education. He’s an amazing bridge-builder and a pleasure to listen to.

In the end, it was a great opportunity to listen to innovation on a very broad scale. Whether it was about high-school students programming complex software or innovative evaluation tools for educators, every talk showed excitement and passion for learning.

The conference was an absolute delight, with many inspiring people attending and speaking, and I felt honored being apart of this fantastic event. My thanks to everyone who made this possible, and especially to Susan Fletcher and Dave Gladney for inviting me.

Let’s talk again soon,

Jeroen Strijbosch


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