Elearning Practical Biostatistics contributes to nursing curriculum in Indonesia1 min read

The co-developed e-learning course by SOWISO and the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) on biostatistics is in use at multiple Dutch (university) hospitals. Recently this same course has also been used in a development project in Indonesia. We are very glad we could contribute to this non-profit initiative. Good clinical practice should be available for all patients, irrespective what country they live in. Professor Rob de Haan from the AMC went to Indonesia and provided us with this summary of the project:


Elearning Practical Biostatistics contributes to nursing curriculum in Indonesia.

International Nurse Associations strongly support the building of a sound scientific foundation for clinical practice. This implies that nurses all over the world should at least have competences in conducting nursing research or using research findings to solve clinical problems. The new nursing curriculum, prescribed by the Indonesian government, also requires that students and teachers have basic knowledge of nursing research and should be able to do simple research projects. In this context, the e-learning course Practical Biostatistics, developed by the Clinical Research Unit of the Academic Medical Center in co-operation with SOWISO – was recently offered to nurse teachers of the University of Sari Mutiara in Medan, Indonesia. The educational program was voluntarily given by the head of the CRU and was funded by PUM, a Dutch organization that connects entrepreneurs in developing countries with senior experts from the Netherlands.

For more info on the e-learning biostatistics see the course website.