Individual payment option for SOWISO courses1 min read

Let’s talk about money!

Until recently, SOWISO only sold licenses to their platform and digital Math Courses to institutions (universities or faculties). From now on, we can also offer the option to let students pay for their own individual license.

This opens up a whole lot of possibilities. One of course being that institutions who want to use the SOWISO courses in their education can do this without having to deal with budgetary consequences: they can just direct the students to our platform/webshop just like they did with referring them to the bookshop. Students wouldn’t mind at all because our courses are way cheaper than the traditional text book. No need to go to the copy-shop anymore ;). The first institutions to use this option are Maastricht University and HS ZUYD University of Applied Sciences.

Another new development is that students can now purchase access to our innovative personalized e-learning courses also if they are not enrolled in an higher-ed institutions. The first market in which we are going to launch this is India, where we have partnered with a local organization. We have chosen India because of some specific market characteristics. Students who graduated from high school very often take a gap-year to prepare thoroughly for the admission test/process of universities. Sometimes this is done by labor-intensive and thus expensive tutoring. Our personalized e-learning courses are a great and affordable tool for that purpose, hence also create a level-playing field for student unable to afford the expensive tutoring.