Integration of the SOWISO platform2 min read

On numerous accounts we’ve been asked how our platform can be integrated in existing learning environments, like  Blackboard  and Moodle. This is a very relevant question, because most of our clients already use an LMS of some kind and they are usually bound to this environment.

The technical integration is interesting at two points in time. Firstly on the front end, were you want to have a single sign on procedure for your students, so users do not have to log-in twice. Secondly on the back-end, where you want to push the student results like scores and time back to the LMS.

The SOWISO platform offers multiple solutions for integration:


We’re proud to announce that we can now offer our interactive content via LTI. Because large LMS’s like Blackboard and Moodle support external LTI content out of the box, our platform is very easily integrated into these systems.

The SOWISO Application Interface (API)

We created our own API that can be used to integrate content into a custom environment. There are API’s for authentication to access the content via SSO and for accessing the results. The set of API’s that we offer will grow along over time. Eventually, all platform features will be accessible through our API.

Only Single Sign On integration via Simplesaml

We’ve implemented simplesaml to support open access through (among others) LDAP, OpenFide and OpenID. This also enabled us to connect our platform to two great initiatives of Kennisnet and SURF: the Kennisnet Federatie and SURF Connext. They make sure that single sign on via the LMS is enabled for all schools and institutions that are connected to their initiative.

 We are proud that we have realized the integrations named above, but we will continue to work on supporting more standards over time, like the Tin Can API: more or less the new version of SCORM. By doing this, we make our awesome interactive content even more accessible.