MathConverter project with SURF, UvA and RSE1 min read

Creating digital content takes time. It takes time in any system, and just as well in our e-learning platform. Even although our authoring environment has proven to be very user friendly, also compared with competitors.

Many higher education institutions already use other e-learning software for their math education, and have created a lot of content in this software. The fact that with a potential shift to SOWISO, this content has to be re-created again in SOWISO might be perceived as a barrier to abandon their legacy system.

Because we want to take a way that hurdle, we decided to create a conversion tool that helps to move content from one system to the other. We chose to create a conversion tool from MapleTA to SOWISO, because the MapleTA system is widely used in Higher Education.

We are not alone in this idea. Together with the University of Amsterdam and the Erasmus School of Economics a project-proposal was written and granted by SURF. The conversion tool will be open source and freely available for every institution that has the need for importing existing MapleTA content in the SOWISO system.

By the way, we also allow for importing of other formats of digital content, for example LaTeX and Word.

More info on the MathConverter project can be found here (Dutch)