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Managing a diverse stream of incoming domestic or international students can be a real challenge for universities. That is why, in partnership with several Dutch universities, SOWISO will start offering upcoming first-year students an online mathematics test to show that their mastering of mathematics is sufficient to be eligible for enrollment.

These online tests bring many advantages to both students and universities. For example, students used to have to take a flight to the Netherlands just to take a proficiency test! With this new digital assessment tool, they can be tested at home, at their convenience starting April 15th. All that is required is a computer, a steady internet-connection and 2.5 hours to take the test. To make sure that there’s no cheating, the test will be proctored with the help of ProctorExam and OP4RE; this means students will be monitored during the test. For the proctoring they will need an IOS or Android smartphone. In the end, students save precious time and money, and universities get a quick understanding of the mathematics skills of their incoming students, with auto-grading and a no-cheat guarantee.

Additionally, using our PassYourMath platform, SOWISO can offer students online mathematics courses which can help them prepare for this test, as well as their studies in general!

We will be starting this summer at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Maastricht University. Would your university like to join as well? Send us a message at, or leave a quick message on our website here.


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