New SOWISO Blog and Visions for the Future2 min read

Hello everybody and welcome to our new blog.SOWISO Blog: Jeroen Strijbosch

My name is Jeroen Strijbosch (Twitter), and I am the new Marketing and Communications Specialist
here at SOWISO.

As SOWISO is expanding, so is our vision. Apart from developing personalized and interactive software that helps schools and colleges digitize and optimize their mathematics education, we are looking to play an increasingly active role as a digital publisher and aggregator of information.

We have always been on the lookout for what drives the industry we operate in. This means that we stay informed on innovation in education and the edtech industry. Moreover, as a math ed business, we like to tease our brains understanding (or at least trying to understand) exciting mathematical conundrums. Going forward, we are looking to share our findings and visions on this page. Additionally, we are hoping to engage in discussions and conversations with other education, technology and mathemagics aficionados on social media.

So in short, we hope this blog will become a catalyst to come together with peers to discuss interests, both on a serious and a light-hearted note. This is where we hope to engage with and be an active part of a like-minded community, exchanging ideas and information.

So what specific articles can you expect on this new page?
We will frequently update this blog with one of the following:

a) Summaries of the latest trends in education technology and e-learning, focusing on higher education but also touching on innovation in K-12 where relevant.

b) Provoking think-pieces on education-related issues.

c) Articles on mathematical phenomena, questions and oddities, either written by a SOWISO team member or a guest author.

We hope you will enjoy this new venture as much as we will enjoy creating it. Be sure to look for new content on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Next week: Edtech and Design Thinking – Developing Products with Teachers in Mind

Let’s talk again soon!