SOWISO and De Boeck, a long term commitment1 min read

After a successful first year, SOWISO and De Boeck signed a contract for the minimum period of 4 years!

De Boeck is one of the main educational publishers in Belgium. Based on the SOWISO e-learning platform, they developed a completely digital mathematics method for secondary education. The digital approach is perfectly suited for personalized and adaptive learning. The reception of the 'Kruispunt' method is very positive, both within schools and the government. Year one and two for mathematical education are now ready and a team of authors is working on the remaining years.

One of the many functionalities within this e-learning method is a selection tool. In  this selection tool students can practice particular mathematical skills targeted at their specific level and needs, thereby acting as a good learning tool.

Please contact SOWISO if you want to know how our technology can help your publisher or educational institution to provide learning material that fits today's generation of students.

This long-term contract is a confirmation of the constructive and fruitful cooperation between two companies who both share the same vision on the future of education.