SOWISO at slush 2012 in Helsinki2 min read

Last week we were at Slush in Helsinki. Slush is a two day start-up conference aimed at the best tech talent from Northern Europe and Russia. An event SOWISO could not miss.

The conference consisted of parallel programs. There was a main stage with plenary presentations. We did not see all that was going on there, but at least two presentations lasted. The first one was about doing business in Russia as a high-tech company. Russia was present at the conference promoting the Volkovo business-park near Moscow. Mr Viljakainen, entrepreneur and advisor to this Volkovo business-park, spoke some encouraging words for those thinking of expanding to Russia: “Running a business in Russia is still risky but no longer dangerous.”

The second presentation that stuck was from Jolla, launching their new Operating System for mobile devices. Literally dozens of people were on stage and multiple presentations were given, it really was the main act of Slush. The downside was that it was hard to understand what their product was, what was special about it and how it works. It was not even shown on working devices, that didn't help. It did teach us however that you don't have to be a good presenter to run a successful startup, as they raised over 250 million euros of funding and are on their way to become the 4th biggest mobile operating system.

There was a busy and buzzing area with many demo-stands being held at the same time as the presentations were being given. SOWISO also had a booth in which we showcased our e-learning platform. We met many interesting people from all around the world. We hope these new contacts will last and help our business in the future.

Overall, the conference was very much gaming orientated. Not surprisingly being that Rovio, the company which brought all smartphone owners the game 'Angry Birds', was one of the main sponsors. Rovio is a Finnish succes-story in ways we cannot even imagine outside Finland. As a bizarre example: Angry Birds softdrinks surpassed other brands, including Coca Cola, as the best selling soft drink in Finland!

Who knows, maybe one day kids will drink SOWISO soft drinks while practicing math on their SOWISO based e-learning. 😉

The picture shows the SOWISO stand at Slush with Max (left) and Sieuwert (right) chatting with visitors.

We want to thank EIT ICT Labs as they sponsored our visit to Slush.