SOWISO Calculus Course1 min read

so-cc-final-03greenAfter months of hard work by our authoring team, the SOWISO Calculus Course is ready for use next academic year. This course is aimed at first year university students. In many studies, these are large heterogeneous groups of students, with difference in level of mathematics and prior schooling. For teachers, this often is quite the task to make sure they all get to the desired level in just a limited amount of time.

The SOWISO Calculus Course is the perfect e-learning tool for these courses.

  • Students enjoy a true personalized learning experience, they get feedback and tips where they need it, and can go through the subjects each on their own pace.
  • Teachers will receive great support from this intelligent e-learning software. It takes care of many (mostly dull and repetitive) tasks, such as correcting homework and grading tests.

More information (both in Dutch and English):

And contact us if you have any questions. We would love to give you a more detailed demonstration at your university!