SOWISO Digital Math Courses, the best of both worlds1 min read

(Not representative for SOWISO Digital Math Courses)
Not a representative classroom setting for SOWISO Digital Math Courses 😉

In the current learning age, technology and content cannot be seen separate from each other anymore, we at SOWISO offer the best of both worlds with our interactive digital math courses, based on the SOWISO e-learning platform. These courses offer a true personalized learning experience for a fraction of the price of a regular textbook. Right now the following courses are available (click on them to see more information):

And we are busy with developing (finished summer 2015):

Of course we have many ideas on where to go from there. For example, we are thinking of an advanced Calculus Course and a basis Physics Course.

We have a multidisciplinary and multinational team of authors/editors, including professors in mathematics, physicists, teachers and students to ensure quality from both a theoretical as well practical/didactic point of view.

The number of higher education institutions using our courses is increasing by the month: Eindhoven university of Technology, Maastricht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and AP University College Antwerp.

But did you know that another great thing about our courses is that teachers using them can have ownership over the content? It’s very easy to add or remove content or tests to the course structure, thereby allowing for customization to ensure the best fit with the courses taught at that particular institution.