UvA coach kick-off1 min read

logouvaToday the kick-off meeting of the Learning Analytics project COACH took place at the Science Park in Amsterdam. The goal of the project, co-funded by SURF in their Learning Analytics program, is to find out how student results can be positively influenced by the data that is collected during the learning process.

In this project, the SOWISO platform will function as one of the service providers for math courses. The results on the math courses completed in SOWISO will not only be stored locally, but also pushed to a centralized Learning Record Store (LRS) using the new Tin Can API. On top of that LRS a student dashboard will be created. Additionally, single sign on will be accommodated through SURF Conext.

Particularly interesting in this project is that the focus of the student dashboard will not lie on reporting the score. The focus will rather be on showing what activities your peers (in this case other students following the same course) are doing. When the outcome of the project is positive, we will try to incorporate the same reporting principle in the SOWISO platform.

The project will run until July 2014, but the first results are already expected in January 2014. SOWISO is happy to be a partner of the University of Amsterdam in this project and we’re looking forward to the results.