UvA / HvA and SOWISO: From 3 to 90.000 students in three years!1 min read

Today, SOWISO and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) signed an agreement opening up SOWISO’s e-learning platform to all their 90.000 students!

Both UvA and HvA already use our software in their mathematics education, so nothing new there. But the rate of adaptation of SOWISO in their institutions is something we are very proud of. It was only less than three years ago that the first course took place with help of SOWISO. A course with only three students. And now 90.000. Talking about mathematics, that sure must be exponential growth! 😉

We are happy to be supporting students and teachers in their day-to-day education and we continue to work closely with them, also in research and innovation projects. Another cool development is the fact that SOWISO is used more and more for exams. Formative testing is already common practice (last year alone about 60.000 formative tests were done by UvA students on SOWISO), but we are adding more and more features and support for the more formal summative testing as well.